Welcome to my website!

I am an ornithologist and a (bad) birdwatcher and this is my personal website where you can find information about myself and my research activities as well as various trip reports and blogposts (mainly) about birds.

Right now I am part of a team studying ecology of temperate and tropical passerines. Apart of that I am working also on other bird related projects and I am very interested in moult of birds. During our ringing activities, my wife and I take pictures of birds in hand to capture the variability in moult as an aid to bird ringers and birdwatchers in identification of the birds they trap or see. You can browse these photos in the gallery which is still being developed and updated.

Last update to the gallery was made on 15th September, 2022. Please see the gallery changelog for recent updates.

Latest articles:

Redstarts II. – Redstarts in puberty and on other bird teenagers

20th May 2022 | Ringing

I got an inspiration to write down this article after too frequently repeated contributions in various facebook groups, whose authors had always one in common – their astonishment that a phenomenon called “delayed plumage maturation” exists in some bird species, in particular in Black Redstart. It seems that many people have overlooked it in the books, despite the fact that this aspect is nothing hidden, obscure or otherwise concealed. I wrote this article for those of you, who would like to learn more about this phenomenon... Read more »

Redstarts I. – Hybrid redstart from Slavíč, Czech Republic

6 May 2022 | Ringing

On 19th April 2020 an interesting male redstart was observed for the first time in Slavíč, a part of Hranice na Moravě in the Czech Republic (its observation in AVIF – Czech ornithological faunistic database). So our redstart specialist, Filip Petřík, went there to take a look at this individual to try to learn more about him. It seemed that this individual might be of hybrid origin, but the story is far from simple... Read more »

Problems with access

22nd March, 2022 | News & updates

Dear visitor,

recently, there has been some problems with accessing my site. I am very sorry for all the incovenience. My webhosting provider is now under frequent DDoS attacks , very probably as a consequence of openly supporting Ukraine during this shameful act of aggression from the Russian side . As a consequence, this site may be down temporarily once in a while also in the future.

Once again, I am very sorry for any inconvenience.

Latest Czech articles | Nejnovější české články:

Kterak jsem k ornitologii přišel

28. května 2022 | České články | Czech posts

Nedávno jsem si při čtení nějakého svého oblíbeného periodika uvědomil, že u většiny časopisů, které pravidelně čtu, mě nakonec vždycky nejvíc baví s rozhovor s lidmi, kteří dělají něco zajímavého (většinou to, co je předmětem onoho časopisu). Až mě to samotného překvapilo, neboť se za nijak zvlášť společenského tvora nepovažuji. Příběhy lidí mě ale baví a nejinak tomu je třeba i u dalších členů klubu 300… Číst dál »